Should Small Businesses get in the App Game?

Mobile applications are all the rage.  And why not? As the latest numbers have just come out (see infographic below) more and more users are taking their online experience to their web enabled smart phones and tablets.  But there are two major obstacles to small businesses joining the app race.  First, apps are not cheap!  App development starts at $5,000 and goes up for every bell and whistle you add.  If you really want your app to be something that customers use and like then get ready to spend $15k+!  The second issue is that many mobile users prefer websites over apps, often because they assume that the small business doesn’t have an app or the app is just not that great.

Killing two birds . . .  with Responsive Design.

Just this week we finished out a great new website for a local photographer here in the Dallas area ( They didn’t have the marketing budget to develop an app . . . and they really didn’t need to – thanks to responsive design!

What is it?

Responsive design is when the website developer creates smart code to “talk” to the device that the website is going to be displayed on and shows a different version of the website designed specifically to fit that screen and  . . . wuala!  Your website looks like it was designed just for the phone or tablet that you are viewing it on.  While non-responsive websites appear slow and clunky (or not at all) on mobile devices, a responsive design website looks just plain fantastic!

Do I have it?

If  your website doesn’t look beautiful on a mobile device then probably not.  Responsive design is something coming into vogue and not many sites have it . . . and it requires a web developer who knows what they are doing.

Here’s the catch:

Implementing a Responsive design to your website usually requires redesigning the site from the ground up, but chances are if you do not have a responsive design then you need a re-design anyway.   Good web agencies like Digital Brand Makeover include responsive design in every website they build.  So think of it this way: instead of spending $5k+ for an app, spend 40-60% less on a new website that looks phenomenal on mobile devices.

Check out the info-graphic below and let me know if I can help!