Web Hosting Support

Digital Brand Makeover is now including web hosting with select service contracts!

We provide our clients with migration services as well as consulting and support for setting up your e-mail accounts.

Control Panel Access:

Our clients can easily access their web hosting control panel by visiting:


For a rather exhaustive documentation manual covering the Parallels Panel Control Panel software, you can click here for a PDF.

E-mail Configuration:

The instructions listed below are for the general setup of various email clients and cannot be guaranteed to work with every email client. The following configuration settings are appropriate for third party email clients such as Outlook Eudora, iPad, etc.

Many e-mail clients, smartphones and tablets may automatically configure your mail if you provide your e-mail address and password.  There are some very important settings that you need to make sure are being used, or e-mail will not work fully.

When using the example below, be sure to replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.

Email Settings:

  • Your/Display name: anything you want
  • Username / Email address: [email protected]yourdomain.com
  • Password: the email password.
    Do NOT use SPA (secure password authentication).
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.com
  • Incoming Port: 143
  • Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.com
  • Outgoing Port: 587
  • Server Requires Authentication
  • No SSL boxes should be checked*

Step by Step Setup Guides:

Access E-mail via Roundcube Webmail:

  • In a Web browser, visit the URL webmail.example.com, where example.com is the Internet address of your website. When prompted, specify your full email address as the username (for example, [email protected]), and specify the password that you use for logging in to the Panel.
  • When logged in to the Panel, click the Mail tab, and in the list of email addresses, click an icon  corresponding to the email address you need.

Help!  E-mails are being blocked!

Always let us know if e-mail is being blocked. If you are a shared hosting customer without a dedicated IP address, there is a chance that a neighbor of yours may have had a virus that led to their computer to send out spam. We monitor our mail server health and will step in when needed to request delisting from blocklists and consult with the client on how to better secure their accounts.

If you would like to check blocklists, we’ve compiled a list of several popular ISPs and their blocklists: