Meet April Sunshine Hawkins

Having never met a stranger, April Sunshine puts all of our clients at ease.  We have been told that her infectious smile brings happiness and positivity to their day and we agree. She excels in creativity and efficiency.  At one client meeting, she came up with a brilliant marketing strategy…

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What is a Hashtag?

Ever since Twitter popularized the use of a pound sign before a word or phrase hashtags are now everywhere. Many other social media outlets have been quick to pick up on the trend, but many people are still in the dark about this. One of the most common questions that…

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What is a TweetChat?

Twitter has become an amazing avenue for information dissemination, especially with the advent of tweetchats. What exactly is a tweetchat? Also known as a Twitter party and a Twitter chat, this is basically a live discussion between a group of people that occurs through Twitter. The chat is focused on…

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