5 Cool Ways to use Instagram for Business Marketing

Instagram is a photo sharing app that you can use to promote your business. What makes it fun is the effects that you can use to crank your brand a notch. Other than of course taking pictures of your product, there are other ways to get your audience hooked or make your brand more intriguing.

1. Take Pictures of Mundane Activities

Take pictures of the routine activities that you do around the office. I know it sounds boring but people actually relate more to brands that share personal and daily activities. It exudes a more personal touch to your brand. When your audience feel connected they will surely tune in for more.

2. Wear your BrandNike

Wearing or modelling your own brand can send a message to your audience that not only supermodels or celebrities wear your product. It makes them feel that your brand can look good even with ordinary people. If you are advertising a service, then you can take a picture of your employees working or even you!

3. Take them to the Previews

If you are launching a new product, before it gets out into the market, take a picture of it because this will surely tickle their curiosity. Not only your products but you can also show your new store, your still empty office, new service, even your new equipment!

Granada-Theatre-Instagram4. Take Them With You 

Who wouldn’t want to join excursions or your company’s R and R? It would make them feel that they are with you enjoying your company and the new exciting places. Taking pictures of your activities like taking a boat ride or gift shopping will let them even feel the fun in traveling.

5. Fun Pictures

People want to look at fun pictures. Take pictures of your office holiday parties; the decorations, the food, champagne and with a caption of your greetings to them. Even better are the events that you’re organizing, especially those with good causes. This will let them know that you are also into the business of helping.