Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Secret

At Digital Brand Makeover we are constantly combing the DFW social media marketing scene for opportunities for our clients.  Sometimes we come across ideas that are too good to keep quite.  One of the most underrated and least used social media powerhouses are LinkedIn Groups.  LinkedIn Groups are communities within LinkedIn created by users to gather people with common interests and questions.

There are communities for just about any focus, and the best part is that if you find that there isn’t a community for the subject then you can just create one.  When you create a LinkedIn Group, it sets you up as an instant authority on the subject.  Not to mention it is a great place to advertise your blog and website.  Plus, you can start groups with local emphasis.  If you started a Dallas Home Interiors group and began to add content regularly you would soon see good results.  Don’t worry if there is already a group that exists, just join and start sharing your expertise.

Another nice thing about these communities is that there isn’t a limit as to how many groups that you can be a part of.  For example, let’s say that you are a realtor and you write blogs about home staging, interest rates and local market trends.  You could easily join or start different groups around those subjects.  You can take the blog material that you have already written and post it to the group as fresh content.

Commenting on other posts is another great way to engage potential customers.  One of the main reasons people join LinkedIn is to be connected with other professionals.  When they have a need for a product or service they will often post about it in a group in order to get answers.  If you are consistently monitoring and commenting in the groups that you are in you could quickly engage in a conversation with a potential client.

As with most social media strategies consistency is key.  You need to make sure that you are adding good content to the group as well as commenting on recent posts.   As long as you consistently post something related to the subject to the chosen community, people will see you as an authority on the matter  and  you will start to see new traffic flowing to your blog or website.

LinkedIn Groups can be a great way to advertise your blog, website or just yourself.  If you will commit to being a good community participant the rewards will be great.  Don’t foget,  Dallas Social Media Marketing is our gig – if your in the Dallas area and need help give us a call!

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