The Power of Google Apps for Small Business

Small Businesses need technology now-a-days to market, keep in touch with customers and to organize and make transactions. Since you are handling a small business you would definitely want something that will be low-priced and effective. The search engine giant Google has just the right apps for you to use.


Gmail can store up to 25 gigabytes of storage and it has a lot of functions that makes it easier and convenient for every small business owner. Gmail conversations are “threaded”, this means that all messages with the same topic are grouped in one “thread” so it will be easy to locate earlier messages. Most importantly, you can customize your email address so there can be a professional feel to your business.

Google Docs

Small business owners need constant collaboration with subordinates and Google Docs can make that possible without the hassle because spreadsheets and word documents can be shared simultaneously with your colleagues. Rather than spending a lot of time emailing attachments to everyone, you can send it in an instant. Storage in google docs is web based so this means your employees can access data any time.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is a smart way to collaborate with your colleagues about your schedule. If you have important meetings and events, you can share it and remind your employees. “Calendar sharing” enables you to add the calendars of your colleagues to yours and at the same time they can add yours as well. This feature can help you monitor your company’s schedule efficiently and instantly.

Google Sites

Intranet is a computer network that uses internet protocol technology to share information within an organization ( You can share relevant information, and integrate other google apps to google sites so you can keep your employees up-to-date with new information, new schedules from your google calendar, data and other documents like spread sheets and charts from your google docs, and messages from your gmail. So you can imagine the time that you can save, the information that you can share which can contribute to your company’s efficiency.

Google Groups

If you want to communicate and start discussions then there’s  Google groups. Email can be tiresome because you have to send messages in inboxes. It is a public forum in where you can discuss interests, important information and more importantly you can ask for technical support.

Google Start Page

To get all your Google apps organized, Google has the Google Start Page which users can view all of their apps. It is in a desktop space so you can have instant access to it.