Increasing your presence on Google +

There are a lot of reasons why small businesses need to make their presence known in google plus. To be more specific, there are 359 million reasons why they should. As of January 2013 Google plus has surpassed twitter with 359 million active users. Here are ways on how to grab people’s attention.

1. Let’s start with the basics and that would be your profile. Whatever posts or content that you display can actually be linked to a specific domain. A pleasant looking photo or preferably a headshot should be uploaded to make it even more personalized. Google also suggests for you to have a byline with your name appearing on each page of your content. So it would appear to be like this in Google search results:





2. There’s a very helpful tool at Google + that actually helps you decide the perfect time to post. You might keep on posting anytime of the day and you might not be catching the attention of your audience so what timing + does is it goes back to your previous posts and analyses which posts had the most impact.

3. When people view your profile they would want to know more about you or your business so you must remember to include links in your about page. These links can be important pages in your website and of course don’t forget to put keywords because this can be crucial for your SEO. Short descriptions of your business will also be of help; for instance you can include the services or the products that you offer just make sure the descriptions are short, brief and not too long.

4. In helping you connect with people there are tools that you can consider. In google +’s  Events feature, you can send out invitations in whatever event that you have like your webinars, sale, parties, work functions etc. Another tool that can help you reach out to potential customers is Circle count. In circle count you can find out the most followed and influential people and it the stats are comprehensive including the highest ranking profile, pages and communities, it displays the posts that are most reshared.

5. For an owner of a small business you might need a tool that can help you manage your social media accounts. In this way, your posts or tweets will be up-to-date. Hootsuite is the leading social media dashboard that can specifically, manage your social media networks, schedule tweets and messages, track brand mentions and analyze social media traffic. So let Hootsuite manage your Google + account to get yourself even more organized.