How do I get my stuff to go viral on Social Media?

“I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that’s always existed.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Ahhh… the question all experts claim to have an answer to but no one actually does. Look, we all know that you need to be active in social media and post engaging content. However, your content might not get the attention that you want. You may think that the good content that you have will get shared but in reality it does not always get the results that you’re hoping for because there is no exact formula on how your content will become “viral”.

But all hope is not lost – take a look at the tips and your engagement will start to increase:

  1. Well known bloggers get their content shared most of the time. So, you might want to start your blog with a quote from a famous blogger in your niche. (See above) People will find the time to read and share since you mentioned a popular person and this brings a certain degree of credibility and dependability from your audience as well.
  2. People won’t give you the time of day if your content has words and terms that are embarrassingly outdated. You have to really research about your content and know the trending terminologies so people can understand. Trending languages can also help you get noticed. Various studies have been conducted about words that are used in viral headlines; do a little research and get relevant!
  3. Getting into the psyche of people! A study done by the New York Times Insights Group found out that people share content because of the following reasons: to bring valuable and entertaining content to others, define themselves to others, to strengthen relationships, to spread about the latest causes and brands that they care about.
  4. Encourage people to share your content . Do this by making it easy for them to share it. Make sure that you set up social sharing buttons from all social media giants at the bottom of every post (see below.) Another way to encourage is to give them incentives every time they share. When everything is set up, made easy for them AND they get free stuff or incentives, then they will be more encouraged to share again and again.

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