Nike Targets Women with Instagram Campaign

In addition to being a social media specialist and a photographer, I am a Nike Training Club instructor.

NTC is a workout format that Nike introduced a few years back and its target audience is women.  They recently started an Instagram campaign and I have been watching it unfold.


Their posts feature women and the ways they like to workout.  Of course, there is a focus on the products they love to workout in.


What Makes This Campaign Great?

  • They feature their target market High-Engagement-Social-Media-Post(athletic, college aged women).
  • Products are being used in awesome ways that make the viewer want to purchase them.
  • Their photographs are sharp and interesting.
  • Follower engagement is high, which includes trying to figure out what the products in the picture are so they can purchase them.


If I had the statistics, I would bet they would say that the items featured on Instagram have a higher purchase rate than those not featured.


If you are a product-based business, Instagram is a fabulous tool.  Another great thing about Instagram is that your posts are easily shared to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker, Email, or foursquare with the touch of a button.

The downside to Instagram is you need to upload photos from the app on your phone or tablet.  A work around you can use is to upload from your computer.

My next recommendation for Nike would be to start a Pinterest campaign.  Let’s see if they ask me.