Using Popular Hashtags to Promote Your Business

It’s no secret that hashtags can be a great way to get more business your way. As I mentioned in another blog, these can give you a target market, help you get feedback, advertise and much more. However, there is a catch to successfully being able to use hashtags to promote business, and that is having a trending hashtag.

This is where the tricky part comes in. Can you imagine just how many hashtags are generated each minute?  There are literally more than just a few thousands. This is the problem that many business owners wanting to use hashtags have- which one should you use? The most difficult part of effectively using a hashtag is not making one, but rather being able to make it trend. The truth is that, unless you are a celebrity, politician or some other big shot, chances are people won’t be searching for or using your chosen hashtag. What’s worse is that even with a whole lot of effort, you may not be able to catch the attention of people.

In spite of this, there is still a way to make use of popular hashtags to help your business. Many experts refer to the technique as riding the hashtag. Rather than spending your time trying to make a hashtag that will trend, just make use of current popular ones. Pick something that is relevant to your business and already currently trending.  What many people don’t realize about social media is that it isn’t always about making your voice heard. Sometimes it pays to sit back and listen to what others are saying too. In this case, it pays to see which hashtags people are using.

Now use that hashtag by providing relevant information to others who are already following that hashtag. Doing this will put you in the loop and create an opportunity to bring your business into the light. Once you start sharing useful tips or valued pieces of information, then you start to get noticed and open doors for opportunity.