What is a TweetChat?

Twitter has become an amazing avenue for information dissemination, especially with the advent of tweetchats. What exactly is a tweetchat? Also known as a Twitter party and a Twitter chat, this is basically a live discussion between a group of people that occurs through Twitter. The chat is focused on a particular topic and takes place at a specific date and time. Information that is talked about during a tweetchat is sorted out or filtered with the use of hashtags (#).

tweetchat 1


The chat is hosted or moderated by a single person, but it can be joined in by any number of participants. All the information that is talked about can be read just by clicking on the hashtag of a tweet. One of the nice things about chat parties such as this is that participants can choose to just read the discussions, share any knowledge they have or even ask questions. In fact, even after the tweetchat is done, information gained can be re-tweeted and shared with others.

What’s even more amazing about these discussions is that it is not limiting, and it’s no wonder that even businesses are using it. Tweetchats have become a way for businesses to reach out to each other by sharing information. The Social CMO is one such site that continuously hosts tweetchats for its audience and clients. After more than a hundred successful chats hosted through Twitter, The Social CMO has built a community where they continuously share information about social media and marketing.

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Business owners who haven’t explored this social media outlet, should really think twice. Utilizing it in a business strategy could lead to a whole lot of opportunities, and it isn’t even complicated. All it takes is a twitter account to represent the company and to host the tweetchats, a good hashtag and a group of people hungry for information.