Secrets Don’t Make Customers

Have you ever visited a website that looked nice, but you weren’t exactly sure what to do while you were there? It is like they are keeping the information they want you to know a secret.

I was reading an article in How Design Magainze  at Barnes and Noble that compared this circumstance to the Heinz ketchup bottle. The old glass design was classic…iconic even. It looked great and was recognizable to everyone who graced the condiment isle at the grocery store. But, when it came to getting the ketchup out of the bottle there were many methods. Some used a knife to get the flow going. Others use the shake it upside-down method and got ketchup all over everything (except what the ketchup was intended for). And others used the hit the ’57’ secret to get a nice pour.

Since then, Heinz has updated their bottle featuring a flip-cap on the bottom (no more fighting gravity) and an easy to squeeze plastic body.

There is no longer a secret to how to get the ketchup out. It’s direct and easy.

Be sure your website design directs your consumer to the content you want them to see. If they have to know a ‘secret’ to find it, they’ll try a different ketchup instead.

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