The Best Twitter Strategy

So you’re ready to learn the top secret, best Twitter strategy?   Tired of getting nothing when you broadcast your best stuff?   Well, whenever something really cool and relevant comes out we want to make sure you get it!  Thanks to the swell guys at Fusion Works we have a great new infographic that gives us a ton of useful information that can help us seriously boost our Twitter success.

After all, the best Twitter strategy is based on facts, not guesses.  So before we brainstorm a hundred awesome ideas let’s make sure we are putting into practice a Twitter strategy that fits these guidelines.

I will let you check it out for yourself, but there are couple interesting things I want to draw out.

First, is the day of the week.  We have preached to our client’s to post on Monday and Tuesday until we are blue in the face.  And for most of our businesses this will continue to be a great strategy (and we have the internal numbers to prove it!)  However, the weekend is starting to become THE strategy when it comes to getting people to interact with you.  Why?  My guess is that there are so few other businesses tweeting on the weekends that you have way less competition.  We will be using more weekend Twitter strategies based on this info.

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags.  Those who use them get twice the engagement.  Wow!  We’ve found that many small businesses just don’t know how or why to use them so they don’t.  But they are too important to ignore.  Check out this article for some ideas of how you can start incorporating them –

Comb through this great infographic and soon you will be engaging your own Best Twitter Strategy!



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