The Three Biggest Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re just beginning your social media exploration or you just had your share of success and failure it’s worth revisiting rudimentary characteristics of social media from time to time. For it’s in the basics that the obvious can get overlooked and erroneous assumptions are made.

However, this is not your typical, what-to-do kind of article that will teach you in the most cliche of ways how you should manage your social media marketing efforts. In fact, instead of telling you the things that you need to do in order to excel in the world of social media marketing, this article will raise awareness on the biggest blunders that you might commit.

1. Don’t be deceived by the ease and simplicity of using social networking sites.

The usual trick that social networking platforms play on experienced users is the illusion of ease and simplicity. While one must admit that signing up to social networking communities is relatively easy nowadays compared to the laborious sign-up process needed during the internet’s early days, that doesn’t make it easier for any social media marketer. Signing up is just a little step in the whole complex process of starting a Dallas social media marketing campaign.

Twitter may allow as little as 140 characters in their thread but the length or even the lack thereof is not at all an important issue. The main issue is providing content which is interesting and relevant to the target demographic. Anyone can start a blog, join a community and start writing or submitting blog posts and articles. But think of what’s going to make your posts stand out from the vast sea of  social media content. Ask yourself is there is any value to the things that you write, post or share.

2. Don’t use just one social media platform.

If you think signing up on Facebook, creating your own page and posting content once in a while is effective enough for a social media campaign then you might be missing the boat.  You must ask if such a step contributes anything to the brand or company that you are promoting. If you think a thousand followers on Twitter is good enough then you are very mistaken.

Don’t get misled into believing your online marketing strategy is only about one application or one social networking platform. More than likely, you will need to engage in conversations across a variety of platforms and services. That is why a good social media marketing campaign encompasses all social media platforms like Facebook, microblogging sites like Twitter and content sharing sites like Tumbler and Youtube.

3. Don’t think that the same rules apply in all social media platforms.

While experience in using social media platforms help, take note that each networking site has it’s own reasons for being unique. Remember the social media characteristics that make up each community before making inappropriate assumptions when joining. Additionally, while there have been best practices written for almost every social networking site on the web, it takes time and dedication to understand the time and commitment required in being a successful social media marketer.

If you can clean up these “don’ts” then there will be more room for your “do’s.”  Most important, don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed!
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