Social Impact

As we ply our craft as a social media marketing agency in Dallas, Texas, we have the chance to work with great clients big and small.  No matter their size, business or budget, they are after results for the money they spend on marketing.  Every thing we know about web traffic tells us that the more highly targeted visitors you have the more business you will close.  And social media traffic is some of the most highly targeted traffic there is because they already know so much about whatever it is they are considering clicking on.  Social clicks = good clicks!

Unfortunately, most online marketing “professionals” either don’t bother or don’t know how to dig into the numbers and find out if the strategies and solutions that they have sold to their clients are working.  Not so at DBrand!  When we tell our clients that we can use social media marketing to drive new traffic to their website, we can back it up with real numbers.

Here is a snap shot of what is happening with one of our top clients:

Social Impact Graph

The top line represents total visits, the bottom line represents how many of those visits came from their social media accounts that we created and optimized for them.

Can you tell which month they hired us?  yep, September.  Let’s just say that they are thrilled to see their website traffic go from 1,000/mo to 4,000/mo.  But the social media traffic is actually more amazing – from 96 to 791.  That is almost 700 new social media visitors each month.  Remembering how high quality a social media click is makes these numbers pretty fantastic.

The social impact for this client has been felt in their bottom line and of course that is why we are doing this.  If you need to see it in the numbers at your business give us a call!

[schema type=”person” name=”Todd Horchner” orgname=”Digital Brand Makeover” jobtitle=”Founding Partner and Solutions Coordinator” url=”” description=”Bringing his years of media training experience, Todd is a sought after expert in discovering the genuine needs of an organization and customizing tools that create positive results. Todd’s aim is to join your team and truly understand the message that needs to be communicated. From there he pulls from the talents of the DBrand team to form solutions that bring results.” ]