Technical Difficulties

The other day I was watching a big time pro football game on NBC. In fact, it turned out to to be the highest rated television show of 2012 behind the superbowl.  Did I mention it was big time?  Literally millions upon millions tuned in.  Right as the game started they went down to the sideline reporter for some in depth coverage.  And guess what?  We couldn’t hear her because something went wrong. So we just sat there watching her lips move but no sound.  Eventually the main announcer came back and told us the most obvious thing ever.  “We are experiencing technical difficulties.”

The funny thing is that this is not really a shock to anyone.  Why?  Because everyone experiences technical difficulties.  But as I thought about it for a minute I was a bit shocked.  I mean, this was NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  There is literally no expense spared to get this right.  They hire the best people, the best equipment and use the best practices.  There is no excuse that moments before kickoff with the world watching that we can’t hear the reporter.  No excuse.  And yet, technical difficulties will happen for as long as there is technology to be difficult.

So you say, how does this relate web design, social media marketing and search engine optimization?  Because it is technology and things will go wrong.   We work with companies big and small and ironically one of the questions we  routinely get from both is “what part of this can we do ourselves.”  The answer is always “a lot.”  We encourage all of our clients to have a big role in marketing their company online.  This is especially true when it comes to social media.  There is much we can do for you, but engaging your customers on a personal level needs to come from you.  But that is not usually what they are talking about when they ask the question.  They are usually trying to save money by handling some of the technical work that needs to be done.

So our answer is always the same:  You should do any part of the technical work that you have the ability and experience to quickly fix when it all goes bad.  Here is the truth – we have yet to create a technical solution for a client where something along the way did not go right.  It’s in those moments when our team is at it’s best.  Let’s be honest, you don’t need to hire a company who always gets it right mostly because that company doesn’t exist.  You need to hire a company that know what to do when it goes wrong.  We have taken over many a project that was started but not completed because something went wrong either the client or the company they hired didn’t know how to make it work.

So I watched the rest of the game and guess what?  There was not one technical glitch for the next 3 plus hours.  Why?  Because the technical crew at NBC are awesome and they know how to deal technical difficulties.

Whether you are dealing with technical difficulties or just want to avoid them, let us know!

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