is here . . . so.what?

As a social media marketing firm we are constantly invited to join new social networks.  It is truly mind-numbing just how many there are.  Most of them will never enter the public consciousness. But when giants like Google launch a social network (Google Plus) you have to pay attention.

This week Microsoft jumped into the social arena with the launch of Socl (

And because it is Microsoft I joined.  Time will tell what becomes of Socl.  It looks like a disorganized pinterest.  But the search functionality is, at least, unique.  It is by far the easiest network I have ever used.  I joined and posted a montage of photos, videos and articles about Keanu Reeves in less than 2 minutes.  Someone has already liked it so I feel pretty cool.  (But who doesn’t like the great Keanu?)

I won’t give much more opinion until we see where it goes, but let’s just say that Socl has an uphill climb toward social relevance!

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