The ROI of Marketing your Business Online

As an online marketing company in DFW, we consistently hear the same question – what is the ROI of marketing my business online?   What they are really asking is how do I know that what I will pay you will work?  It’s true that not all ROI of online marketing can be reported in hard numbers.  For example, how do you determine the value of a client re-tweeting your offer of the day?   The good news is that social media and website metric reporting is becoming very robust.    In fact, our company includes this type of reporting in every marketing package we sell so that clients can see first hand exactly what is going on.

Most often our clients don’t realize that the results that they want will require a multi-phase plan.  In other words, often times a client will say, “I need a better website,” or “can you help me be found on google.”  However, it is seldom that simple.  To truly get results you need to attack from all sides.   What good is it to get your site ranking high in google if when they get there the website looks or performs poorly?  How does it help to redesign the website if the social media reviews are awful and people are discouraged from visiting the site in the first place?  The answer is usually that we need to inact a combination of solutions.  The plan doesn’t have to be expensive and the ROI almost always blows our clients away.

How can I say that?  Just look at these real numbers from one of our local business clients here in DFW.
Online Marketing Graph

Lets see what these numbers mean:

  • When they came to us at the beginning of the year they were averaging 40 visits per month.
  • Only 56% of those visits were first time visitors
  • This means they had only 268 first time visitors to their website per year.

We put together a plan that including modifications to the website, training their team on social media best practices and a full search engine optimization strategy.  It took about 4 months to get the plan firing on all cylinders.
Then this:

  • By June their average monthly visits climbed from 40 to 284
  • By September that number had risen to 438
  • Best of all – over 86% off their visits were from first time visitors
  • Visitors were staying on the website an average of 1 minutes and 42 seconds – an eternity for a local retail business!

So, what was their return on investment?  They went from 268 first time visitors per year to 5,160.  Those visitors will spend over 122 hours browsing their website all for a total cost of less than $3,000.
That’s big-time ROI!

Hope to talk again soon – Travis

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