Do it Yourself Marketing Tips

There is no debating the importance of SEO for small and mid-sized companies.  Can I do SEO myself?  That’s a question we get often as purveyors of internet marketing in Dallas.  The answer depends on a few things.  First, do you know what SEO stands for?  If not, then you might not be ready.  The main question is do you have the time it will take to learn and execute?  My experience is that you will need to commit 20-40 hours in your SEO education and then another 5-10 hours a week for about 6 months to see results.  Many businesses simply don’t have this type of time . . . but some do.  For those taking off on their own, let me give you a few tips that just might prove beneficial.  (Again, if some of these don’t make sense then just come see us at and we’ll take care of you!)

  1. RSS Feeds, or real simple syndication feeds, are an incredibly uncomplicated means of updating consumers on your product or service in real time. Through an RSS feed reader your prospective customers can be given updates right away.  This an often overlooked but simple SEO strategy that helps your content to be spread very quickly.  Google loves seeing your stuff all over the web.
  2. Social Bookmarking is quickly becoming an extremely vital aspect of search engine optimization.  A social bookmark is similar to adding a website to your favorites in your browser. The distinction is that a social bookmark lets you broadcast your favorites with everybody else on the internet! This also produces links that point back to your website.  Sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon are great social bookmarking sites.  And of course there is Pinterest which is the granddaddy of them all.  Getting your blog posts and website pages bookmarked on these sites can produce massive momentum!
  3. SEO Analysis services are a must have if you are serious about getting your site ranked.   You need some serious knowledge about the way search engines work and what they think about your website.  Services such as TrafficTravis, Market Samurai and WebCEO  assist you in analyzing your opposition, selecting keywords, checking out your site to let you fix what is broken, checking  your rankings and more!
  4. Search Engine Optimization is a massive piece of any business that needs customers to know that they exist.  Even local businesses are now realizing that their clients are finding them online before they find their storefront.  I hope that you have the best website of your competitors.  If you don’t we can help.  But what good is that website if customers never see it.  Putting in the time and effort to learn and execute an effective SEO strategy will pay off bigtime.  What are you wating for, get that RSS Feed created right now . . .


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