Get Your Blog Some Love

If you are like me then you love logging into the dashboard of your blog and checking to see how many views you have gotten.  Come on, don’t lie . . .it hurts just a little when you have had 2 blog reads after a week.  I’ve been there.  But  a few years back I learned a valuable lesson.  Blogging traffic is a give and take relationship.

Sometimes one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog is by visiting someone else ’s blog.  You find another blog that is closely related to yours and go and read one of their entries, or  read a few of them. Chances are that you are going to  find something that you have in common.  When you find something that is truly  interesting, leave a comment so that they know that you were there.  Once you have dropped a few comments, ask them if they would like to trade links or RSS feeds.  They’ll say yes.  Start this strategy with 2 or 3 other blogs then add a couple more as you go.

WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal are great place to start a search.  They all allow you to search for interests on their site and it will come up with results of other bloggers in your interest or business field.  Say you are a real estate agent.  Go find blogs from home designers, mortgage brokers and house inspectors then start giving their blog some love.

When you are commenting on someone’s post,  make sure that you don’t leave generic comment.  Actually take a moment to read the whole blog, pick out a specific statement or story and make a comment that is relevant and interesting.  The best comments are the ones that ask a question or starts a conversation.  Help give their readers something to talk about.  Sincerity goes a long way in the blog0sphere, no one appreciates or returns the blog love to a spammer just fishing for traffic.

Last, once you have added a few great comments send them an email and ask if they would like to exchange links or RSS feeds with them.  Just keep it simple, tell them you enjoy their blog and want to build relationships with other like minded folks.  Trust me, they’ll be glad to give your blog some love.

Happy Blogging!

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